Achieve the requested Ra without dust
This machine is designed to sandblast and achieve the requested Ra (Roughness Average) to your smooth rolls in flour milling rolls and flaker rolls. The machine has a sand recycling systems and vacum suction with filter so dust free enviroment. The blower system is used in Yenar Sand Blasting Machine to minimize the negative effects of human health. A large part of the abrasive material sprayed by the nozzle transmits to the back-sand tank by vacuuming. In this way, the dust and the abrasive material accumulate in a closed tank without too much mixing into the air. With this system, the operator health would have stayed away from the abrasive materials that negative affecting and the abrasive material is recycled by blower method. The abrasive material creates homogenous roughness on the surface of the smooth rolls with the PLC system. The desired rotational speed of the rolls and the desired linear speed of the nozzle make the different surface roughness.
YTK35150 Sand Blasting Machine
Roll Diameter
200 - 350 mm
(8" - 15")
Roll Length
1.500 mm
YTK80210 Sand Blasting Machine
Roll Diameter
800 mm
Roll Length
2.100 mm
YMSB Mobile Sand Blasting Machine
Yenar specially designed these mobile types machines for your special application. Thanks to its easy portability, this machine allows you to sandblast the rolls and achieve the requested Ra surface of rolls on the machines.
Roll Diameter
100 mm - 1.200 mm
(4" - 48")
Roll Length
100 mm - 5.000 mm
(4" - 197")

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